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This new sponsorship will highlight the XPEL brand to Audi Club North America members to drive top of mind awareness for the Company’s industry-leading portfolio of paint protection film and.

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  • XPEL™ ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film is a new, high tech way to protect classic vehicles from stone chips, scratches and abrasions. XPEL offers precut patterns for most late model vehicles, however, for classic and muscle cars, for which a pre-cut pattern doesn't exist, XPEL ULTIMATE film can be hand cut and applied by a skilled. Jan 04, 2022 · In April of 2020 I had my Maserati Ghibli done with Xpel Prime ceramic tints, 50% all around and 70% on the front windshield $400 total... Just got quoted from the same shop $800 and they were the cheapest!. Maintain the look of your car from the factory with Xpel Paint Protection Film by Pristine Auto Spa. Stop by our Indianapolis location. 317-445-6681. Get Started. Menu. Services. Protection. ... An exceptional paint protective film that matches your flat or satin factory paint. XPEL STEALTH is a great way to keep that frozen, magno, frosted, or. The comfort of being protected from rock chips while driving is immense. On my last car, I drove straight to the PPF installer right after the dealership. On my car before that, paint was flawless without a single swirl or rock chip 4 years after I removed the film. 3. level 1. What is Paint Protection Film (PPF) Paint protection film (PPF) works as a virtually invisible self healing polyurethane layer of armour that is wrapped over your vehicle’s paintwork. The PPF maintains an indefinite showroom finish by fully protecting the paintwork from stones, road debris, minor scuffs, birdlime and insect splatter. I'm leaning towards Rapid Red or Area 51 with Xpel paint protection film and ceramic coat over top, but mainly because I have no experience with the concrete-ish looking kevlar paint products I've seen on wranglers in the past. I actually wanted black, initially, but I'm not going to be able to get a black color unless I repaint the whole thing. Mar 8, 2021. #1. I just purchased a 2021 3500 Mega Cab, and I noticed that the dealership included the "Resistall NG2" paint protection, and interior leather and fabric protection. It "Guarantees" the paint against tar, sap, bugs, etc. for 5 years. Normally I would have declined this, as most of these last minute add-ons are just a money maker. Wash and Maintain your XPEL Paint Protection or Ceramic Coated car the EASY way. from C8Corvette SpeedEFX in CO just re-did the wrap on my 2019 TTRS. PWF Anodized Red protected with Xpel Stealth and topped off with Ceramic Pro from AudiTT_Mk1_Mk2_Mk3. Having a Black wrangler paint protection was #1 on my list of additions I weighed all the options from commercial ceramic coatings to consumer grade, I went and looked at all three of the Paint protection film (PPF) 3M, Xpel, Suntek and even look at Xpel and 3M on the same car to compare films. Facebook 0 Twitter Reddit Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Previous. ... Wash, Window Tint, XPEL Ultimate PLUS Neal Dieker August 15, 2018 BMW, BMW M3, XPEL, XPEL Paint Protection Film, Window Tint, Car Detailing, Car Wash, BMW M. Wichita Clear Bra. 8625 E 37th N STE #201 Wichita, Kansas 67226 email: [email protected]

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    My MX5 got an Xpel PPF and the guy who installed it offered me the new Xpel's coating [Fusion Plus] for around 600$ (the entire car PPF was around 3500$ in my country, for reference). Now I was wondering if that's even necessary? If so, because it is a PPF I wont need to polish it and may be able to apply it myself.